435 Milan Mail boxes broken into two days ago

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435 Milan Mail boxes broken into two days ago

Post  jeanmarlowe on Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:44 pm

I went to pick up my mail, while talking to the mailman this afternoon and lo and behold no mail in the mailbox. The mailman say he did put mail in yesterday. ( I get mail every day without fail. ) Then my neighbor came out of his unit and he said his mail was taken a couple of days ago. He had opened up his mailbox , saw a B of A statement but did not take any mail out, just left it there for when he would come back later, it was gone when he went back to retrieve it. The mailman said that there is someone who has fashioned a master key that can open the boxes. The Mailman told me they retrieved one master key when it got stuck in one of the boxes. The PO played a trick by changing out the lock causing the fake key to get stuck. That was why some of the owners had to go to the Post Office to get their mail because their mail box was being used as a decoy. The mailman called in the robbery to the main office.


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Re: 435 Milan Mail boxes broken into two days ago

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:58 pm

Thanks for the heads up Jean. How the hell does someone make themselves a postmasters duplicate key?? I know that they changed out the lock(s) in order to grab the key the thief was using but never heard that they actually caught one.

it's not 100% clear to me who owns the master lock, is it the HOA or the post office. Since they changed it, I'm thinking they own it but perhaps they need a better lock.

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