Ski rack stolen

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Ski rack stolen

Post  Carolyn on Sun Feb 07, 2010 3:28 pm

Hello neighbors,

I hate to report bad news every time here but just hope we can be more cautious about what happened in this neighborhood.

We usually park one car on the village center drive and that car was with ski rack on the top. This morning we drove it to rivermark doing shopping and when we returned back to the parking lot in front of safeway, we couldn't recognize our car because the ski rack's gone. We are really not sure the thief activity happened last night on the village center drive since we were probably not awake enough before coffee kick in or this morning around 10am in front of safeway at rivermark. But it seems more likely it happened last night.

We have had a package stolen; we have seen a bag with dog shit hanging on top of the light in the hall way for a few times; we have seen a bag with dog shit hidden in the pot of plant in front of the common door downstairs; we have seen reckless drivers in the complex driving just for saving a second.

I hope for those who don't mind speaking out, your curiosity or any gesture gently might help to prevent this neighborhood going downhill. I know and can recognize most of people who live at the same building/courtyard. I have politely asked some strangers who I saw were wondering around if they "needed any help" and if they live here. Villagio is a friendly neighborhood, but I just think if we can have more people care about our neighborhood, being more cautious not just to our own place; we may be able to make this area even better.

I am sorry that I have to vent a bit here. But...I was shocked even this ski rack can be stolen....sigh.....

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Re: Ski rack stolen

Post  Admin on Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:30 am

That sucks! Prior to this forum, I don't know how often people were victims of any crimes since information didn't flow as easily but these packages disappearing and now car accessories is very disappointing and concerning.

Did you by chance report it to the police? Perhaps we can convince the local PD to start doing some rounds through our complex at night.

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