Nasty paint smell in hallway

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Nasty paint smell in hallway

Post  wazotinker on Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:26 pm

Seems like the hand rails were painted last (why couldn't they do it all at once??) anyway, the problem here is the smell.

The paint that they used for walls were ok/acceptable. For some reason, the paint that they used on the hand rails has a harsh smell -- as if they used different kind of paints. The scent from the rail smell worst than the paint from the wall. They did the work on Friday and I've been sneezing whenever passing through the common area.

It would be nice to know the time frame where they'll be finished with this because they always have this "touch up" this and "touch up" that. This is very annoying, not to mention security concerns for propping the main door open.

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