Junk in driveway, not using garage and loud noise after midnight at 475 Milan #102

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Junk in driveway, not using garage and loud noise after midnight at 475 Milan #102

Post  LaDonn on Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:22 pm

475 Milan Drive #102 is at it again! There are piles of junk in the garage (as the door can't be closed due to the junk pile) and outside of the garage and it has been like this for 2 days! In addition, the "cleaning" has been going on until all hours of the night on and off during the last 10 days! On top of which this unit has not used the garage for nearly 4 months, again, this has been reported but to no avail! This is not the first time this unit has been outside the rules of the HOA's

It is embarrassing to have guests visit! I did not pay my HOA's or buy my condo to have to live with a neighbor that makes our common area look like a junk yard or flea market. Not to mention that they do not have to follow the rules by not using their garage for their car or any of the other dozen or so rules she's broken in just the last year with no consequences! This needs to be addressed and action taken and enforced! In fact, we should be notified to know what action was taken as it appears to many of us at 475 that NOTHING has been done to make these actions stop!

I know I'm not the only neighbor in 475 Milan that is fed up with antics and disrespect that #102 displays to us and our community, so Peachtree do the job we pay you for and the Board please make sure actions are taken and followed through immediately!

Thank you!
LaDonn R. DuBois
475 Milan Dr #222


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Re: Junk in driveway, not using garage and loud noise after midnight at 475 Milan #102

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:29 pm

I'll get in touch with Peachtree tomorrow and figure out what need to happen.

Just an FYI, neither Peachtree nor the board monitors this forum. Only I do and I've been on sabbatical for the past few weeks and only checking in sparingly. If you ever have any urgent issues you want to raise, please call Peachtree directly (Veronica).

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