Mailboxes being broken into

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Mailboxes being broken into

Post  mavelard on Thu Mar 18, 2010 2:41 pm

I am at 435 Milan Drive, and I too have had things stolen from my mailbox, and unfortunately a victim of identity theft. I have reason to believe my confidential information was obtained from my mailbox. Several of my neighbors have also had their mail stolen.

I have called the Post Office, and spoke to Dena 408 456-0563. I am also planning to file a police report. I understand from this forum that there are others who have also had their mail stolen. This issues needs to be resolved as soon as possible. If you suspect your mailbox has been broken into, please inform the post office.

Thanks -
435 Milan Drive.


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Re: Mailboxes being broken into

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 18, 2010 5:51 pm


Getting some solid details from the post office seems to be a bit difficult. With no obvious signs of a break in. It appears that the thief has a copy of the master key which is owned by the post office. It's not clear to me what the HOA can do at the moment.

I have spoken to MaryAnne and agree that we need to do a few things together.

First - If you have had any mail stolen please file a police report.
Second - If you had mail stolen or just suspect that mail may be missing, please call the post office at the number MaryAnne provided.
Third - I will have our management company contact the post office also, asking for updates and what they plan to do to solve the issue.
Fourth - I will ask Peachtree to provide us with options on how we can update/improve our mailboxes. This may be costly and may not solve the issue if someone can open the postmans lock. So no promises...

Bottom line: We need to get the postmaster involved in trying to catch this SOB. Also, please be aware of who is accessing the mailboxes in your building(s). MaryAnne and I have noticed that on some days, there is a second postal worker who comes around. There should only be one according to the post office.

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Re: Mailboxes being broken into

Post  Sarah on Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:26 pm

I took the time to call the Postal Inspector department today to express concern regarding the mailboxes in the complex being broken into. Unfortunately because nothing has happened to my mail yet (and I hope it stays that way) they couldn't really help me but did file a report in my name.

The person I talked with urged that anyone in the complex who has had mail stolen or has had their specific mailibox tampered with to call 877 876 2455 (Postal Inspector) and report the theft/tampering. They will accumulate all of the reports and work to resolve the issue.

According to the USPS website, if anyone sees theft or tampering of a mailbox occuring, you must immeadiately call 911 to report it. After, tampering and stealing mail is a federal offense.

We need to get this resovled ASAP for each individual living in this complex that has mail delivered is in jeopardy of having their identities stolen.

Thank you,

435 Milan Drive


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Re: Mailboxes being broken into

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