Home owners renting their units

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Home owners renting their units

Post  terrychr on Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:18 pm

I have read various strings on our forum about renters as well as posted several. That said I would like to remind anyone renting their unit that those of us who still own would like to enjoy the same quality of living that was enjoyed when they were living here.

It has been a long 10 months but the renter in our area has finally moved out to harass some other townhome complex. There were tons of emails to the forum and the owner of the townhome. Calls to the owner of the townhome. Calls to the police. Conversations with the renters and the owners. Note to the renters and the owners. Endless traffic engaging in various transactions, screams of f/u on a daily basis to anyone within ear shot, double parking in front of the garage, mattresses/trash leaning up against the garage, no parking available to owners, etc, etc. It was the 2nd time in 15+ years that our courtyard was up in arms about renters. All I can say is thank goodness they are gone javascript:emoticonp('Very Happy')

We are hopeful that the new renters are accustomed to living in a close environment that is quiet and slightly upscale. Remember, you the owner will ultimately get to engage with the remaining neighbors so please be thoughtful about your choices. If you don't want to live around the person you are renting to, chances are pretty good we don't want to live by them either.

Thanks for thinking about us! Very Happy


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