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Post  trebor on Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:26 pm

Helen, with all your verbage and rhetoric the bottom line is that you violated restrictions of the CC&Rs and more importantly you disrespected your neighbors. You chose to leave a lot of your "belongings" in front of your garage for over a week. You admitted that some of it needed to be thrown out. You must not have cared about any of it otherwise you would not have left it out. You chose not to have your "belongings" stored and had a litany of excuses. Others thought of your belongings as crap or junk because much of it was.

There is no question in my mind that you violated restrictions cited in our CC&Rs. One of the restriction states: "3.5 Nuisance. No activity shall be conducted in any Condominium or Association Property that constitutes a nuisance or unreasonably interferes with the use or quiet enjoyment of the occupants of any other Condominium". You interfered with my quiet enjoyment for over a week each time I had to walk or drive by all of your "crap". You should have been fined for every day you violated a restriction. In my opinion you are a nuisance in every sense of the word.

Now, please have someone remove your screen that is hanging from a bedroom window and either store it, have it fixed, or thrown out. Your next project should be to clean all the crap of your deck because the condition of your deck is in violation of restriction 3.5 cited above and restriction 3.3 "Owners Maintenance Obligations"


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