Decks - What you need to know

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Decks - What you need to know

Post  Admin on Fri Mar 13, 2009 1:52 pm


So a couple of things.

First, when your deck is complete and the vendor removes the plastic covers from your window/doors, you can walk out and begin putting your stuff back on the decks. Take a good long look and make sure that the coating is thorough, even and dry. We have a project manager and a board member do spot checks but in case they miss something please bring it up to our attention. It will be much easier to address something now then a month or two from now when the vendor is no longer on the premises and they've been paid in full.

Second, as we continue doing the decks its becoming obvious that some residents have thrashed their decks by smoking and putting out the cigarettes on the deck burning the membranes or placing heavy items that dings or scuffs of the deck surface. Please consider placing rubber pads under any heavy items (Tables, BBQ's, big flower pots, etc). We are looking at purchased a certain amount and giving it out but that's not finalized. The incremental cost because of the damage may be worth us paying for the pads, assuming people actually use it.

Take care!

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