Emergency Response Plan Proposal

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Emergency Response Plan Proposal

Post  Admin on Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:15 pm

A few months ago, during a HOA meeting a resident asked whether we have a Emergency Response Plan for Villagio in case of massive earthquake. Since we didn't, we asked if the resident was willing to do some research and provide a recommendation.

Since nothing has come out of it. I'm going to propose some ideas and like to hear from others whether they agree with the ideas and perhaps have some others they can share.

The elements of the plan will consist of...
1. System specific information (information for fire department, police or other organizations to help them do their jobs)
2. Communication Procedures (Who, What, When)
3. Personal Safety
4. Critical Resources to sustain community for 2-3 days
5. Property protection

These are just initial thoughts...

1. The pool house will act as the central point for meeting and disseminating information. Inside the pool house will be a clip board with the number of units, diagram of complex, diagram of where the gas and water lines are.
2. We will need to craft a communication plan telling residents what they should do prior to any emergency. What to stock up on, where to meet, what to do, who to find.
3. The communication plan will touch on personal safety, including basic search. However, we would plan to have some basic first aid supplies in the club house.
4. Stock pile of water, canned goods, generator and fuel to power generator.
5. Community watch plan in case of looting


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