Balcony debris left in common are of 475 Milan Drive!

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Balcony debris left in common are of 475 Milan Drive!

Post  Italia on Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:16 pm

I woke up to find all the debris, dozens of empty pots, wooden boxes full of dirt, olf wicker plant stands etc. etc. have been placed outside in the common area courtyard as well as on top of the bushes in the lower decorative area that has a wall around it.
It now looks like a garbage dump in our common area. All of this material is from unit 102 who has consistently ignored the HOA rules. Peachtree is aware and will send a letter as they do not have phone number. If this eyesore bothers anyone as much as it offends me please call in to request more immediate action. If a prospective buyer were to drive in, they would likely turn around and drive out upon viewing this horrible mess.


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Re: Balcony debris left in common are of 475 Milan Drive!

Post  H. on Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:00 pm

(Sigh) I'm in Unit 102, and I have a name - Helen Woodson. I've furnished my phone (408-206-4087) and my email ( to you, but you haven't contacted me.

I am heartily tired of anonymous complaints forwarded by Peachtree, as well as anonymous nastygrams taped to my doors. But it's slightly better than the screamed obscenities to which I've been treated in the past, or the noise of your drunken parties and the hazards of your driving into the complex so drunk you can hardly walk. As far as the CC&Rs go, they forbid the bright-red draperies you've got. You claim that I don't obey the rules; that's not true.

I got the notice about the deck resurfacing along with everyone else. Unfortunately, only 6 days' notice was given before the work was to start on February 4. We were told we must remove everything from the deck, so I did so.

I've got an herb garden on my deck with lots of terra-cotta containers. I can't put them in my garage; they'd die. Also, I have only enough space in my garage for my car. I can't park it in the courtyard (if I do, you raise Cain about it) because the sun would ruin my plastic rear window. That leaves my living room (not enough sun for the plants, and it would ruin the carpet) or the common area. My little pots are not on top of the plants; they're just sitting on the dirt. Some of the wooden planters were arranged neatly on the wall until someone (I wonder who?) knocked them down.

I am willing to throw them away if the HOA will pay for replacements. I'm also willing to consider any other viable alternative if you'll contact me directly instead of taking the cowardly anonymous route, only please - no screaming or obscenities! And do please refrain from knocking stuff over unless you plan to pay for it. You really have no legitimate reason for coming over there.

Would it be possible to grin and bear it until the deck resurfacing is done? They tell me they're going to start on #475 the first clear day and that it will take *four* days.



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