Deck Repairs: How you can help!

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Deck Repairs: How you can help!

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 04, 2008 12:59 am

Very soon our vendor will begin resurfacing our decks. As part of the project, any issues with dry rot will be addressed. While we will have our management company project manage, we want the residents to use this forum to communicate directly with us, as another form of checks and balances. If you see or suspect any dry rot, let us know. If you see poor workmanship, let us know. There will be a dedicated thread where we will ask you to post the issue and the unit. We will have the management company, the board and the vendor monitor the thread in near real-time.

We know that resurfacing in the winter may not seem like the best time to do this type of work but there are a few reasons why its happening now. The vendor believes that they can do the work in between rainy days and it will not effect the the quality (Otherwise we would not do it). Decks are used less during this time, so it means less downtime for residents. We have to do the decks prior to painting the buildings and we get a $100K discount on the painting if the work can begin by April 2009. We certainly want to save the $.

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