RONA MEETING SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 - please come

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RONA MEETING SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 - please come Empty RONA MEETING SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 - please come

Post  jeanmarlowe on Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:12 pm

River Oaks Neighborhood Association
Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Premier Pizza at 7:00-8:00pm

Old Business:
1. Cresendo Tree Removal
@Jean, thank you for reply. There are two trees on River Oaks that were tagged for removal. The reason was it was causing sidewalk to rise. The Landscape Committee at Crescendo proposed installing rubber sidewalk as alternative solutions to tree removal. Rubber sidewalk is widely used in Peninsular city such as Redwood Cities to address the issue. I think these two trees are not in plan to be removed for now.
2. Logo for RONA
Marcelle is currently working on setting up a website so that we can put images there for people to vote on. She will coordinate with Laura (the current webmaster) and make sure it links with and any other sites where the information is posted.
3. Status of Essex park call Parks commission
New Business:
1. Update of EIR Agnews
Agnew Site: Elementary/High School: TimeLine: Larry Adams spoke at the Alviso Association. He said they got approval for the toxic soil clean up and it is out to bid. They need to widen the eastside of Zanker Road. Next spring will start cleaning and demolishing all the buildings, too much asbestos in them. Architectural design will take a year. Will do outreach with the neighbors. It will take 1.5 years for construction so it is about 3 to 4 years out for a new school. Will try to save the water tower, but if they canít then it will come down also. Right now they are updating George Man Elementary School in Alviso.
2. Boston Properties Site
3. Mahn Nguyen is our new District 4 City Councilman
4. Alviso Association meeting is second Wed of every month
5. Stephanie Fong: ROP is on the Pavement List for 2015
6. Bike Lanes on ROP
7. Activities See Below:
1. Day on the Bay, October 11th
2. Santos Family 10th Year Free Car Show. September 5th
3. South Bay Salt Pond Symposium October 22nd


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