Multiple cars keyed over the last 2 weeks

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Multiple cars keyed over the last 2 weeks Empty Multiple cars keyed over the last 2 weeks

Post  cvvb51 on Sun Dec 21, 2014 1:29 am

I don't know if this is really monitored or not, I actually just came across the forum as I was trying to Google the property management company info to give them a call.

Last week my wife's car was keyed along the entire passenger side while parked by the dumpsters in front of 470. I noticed there was another car that got keyed as well. A green Nissan. Early this week her car got keyed once again on the same side and either last night or the prior night the rear fender on my car got keyed as well. What a way to really ruin the holidays, having both of your cars get keyed. We tried to walk around and see if others had gotten keyed beyond that green Nissan but did not see any others. Anyone here also get keyed? I called Compass to report it and will likely file a police report in case we have to go through insurance. Who the hell keys cars???? Can you tell I am a little angry?


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Multiple cars keyed over the last 2 weeks Empty Re: Multiple cars keyed over the last 2 weeks

Post  jeanmarlowe on Sat Dec 27, 2014 1:12 pm


I am in 435 and this is the first time I have heard of any kind of deliberate vandalism. We've had cars and mailboxes broken into a while back and I had my car smashed on the driver's side in front of the pool area, but nothing as malicious as keying. I've heard that there is an upswing in vandalism in the area over all, probably because we now have all these new apartments around us a it just goes with increased population. North Park used to have really bad problems. I haven't heard anything about Crescent, but that might be because they have patrolling guards. Epic has a lot of problems and the fact that you parked in an area close to that complex may point to the origin of the crime.

If you file a police report, it will just be an online form. I had my garage and car broken into and the police refused to come out and told me to fill out a report online. And this was before the cuts and we lost 700+ police officers in San Jose. They don't come out for anything other than violent crime, fights, domestic disputes, that sort of thing.

Tom is the moderator and used to live here, I don't know if he is monitoring this anymore, but it is a good site for neighbors to keep abreast of issues and problems going on around here. It's especially helpful if you have questions regarding your AC/water heater, remodeling, etc. It is my understanding that neither the board nor Compass Management like this site.

I check this site a lot to see what is happening in our complex.


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