Lionhead fountains broken constantly

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Lionhead fountains broken constantly Empty Lionhead fountains broken constantly

Post  Italia on Sun Jul 13, 2014 9:03 pm

I would like to suggest these be emptied of all water to avoid standing water breeding mosquitos and turning off the pump permanently.

THese have been broken hundreds of times in the years I have lived here and at this moment the water is not coming out of the 3 holes, but the grinding noise made by the pump is onging and very irritating.

Time to give up on these.

Last week I spoke to a man here to fix the pumps. He said they were acutally replacing whatever was wrong instead of once again just trying to fix them, which never works very long. Apparently they did not actually FIX anything as again the same old problem exists.

Please join me in contacting Compass to ask them to PLEASETURN OFF THESE SILLY FOUNTAINS IF THEY FUNCTION PROPERLY.


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