IMPORTANT: Patrol and Access Survey

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IMPORTANT: Patrol and Access Survey Empty IMPORTANT: Patrol and Access Survey

Post  trebor on Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:52 pm

I ask that you please notify your neighbors and other homeowners of this posting.

The Patrol and Access Control survey by Common Interest is flawed for several reasons:

1. Homeowners should be presented actual data instead of being told that “several” acts of vandalism have cost the Association and homeowners thousands of dollars. It is extremely critical for all to understand the true magnitude of the problem.

2. Homeowners and residents need to be proactive in requesting an increase in police services. San Jose citizens did not cause the budget problems, poor City management caused the problem.

3. Homeowners need to be educated and have a basic understanding of the effectiveness of the options to supplement the current police ineffectiveness. It is critical to understand the projected costs associated with each option (both onetime costs & recurring).

4. Community Awareness should be the first order of business, not a survey of options without ranking effectiveness and providing costs.

5. All we need is 10 homeowners to agree to attend a Neighborhood Watch meeting that is provided by the San Jose Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit. A Crime Prevention Specialist will work with us to discuss crime trends in our area and information on crime prevention. Most importantly the specialist will provide recommended security measures.

6. Asking homeowner’s sentiments towards an assessment is premature. If any assessment is required it is ridiculous to base it on square footage unless it can be proven that a 1 bedroom unit costs more than a 3 bedroom to prevent crime.

Homeowners: Please contact the Common Interest Property Manager Michael Allen and inform him that the first course action should be the Neighborhood Watch Committee meeting and that you plan on attending. We all need to make an “informed” decision.

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