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Post  Admin on Fri Aug 29, 2008 2:15 pm

Pictures and links to some video's showing what I believe are branches and trees that I believe were missed by the vendor. I'm bringing this to Peachtree's attention but if anyone else has any pictures of trees that should have been trimmed, please post them here.

Tree trimming 361342784_fEn7W-L

Tree trimming 361342980_cADee-L

Tree trimming 361343074_KGhLF-L

Tree trimming 361343167_6FSBa-L

Tree trimming 361343228_vRuJB-L

Tree trimming 361343294_kbsJ7-L

Tree trimming 361343228_vRuJB-L

links to video's....

video 1

video 2

video 3

video 4

video 5

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