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Post  trebor on Fri Oct 12, 2012 5:49 pm

Since no one from the Board seems interested enough to provide feedback on the spas, I will. A&B pool is no longer the vendor and they made the last temperature adjustment to the spa at the pool at 103 degrees. A new vendor under Common Interest was out this week to look at the spas, especially the large spa on Milan. The large spa has not been heated for over a month. It should be working again in within the next 2 weeks.

I acknowledge and can understand why the Board wanted to interface with Peachtree as little as possible under the last 30 days of the contract. However, I believe the Board made the wrong decision in delaying the repair of the large spa. Residents have not been able to use the large spa for over a month because a $557 repair was not authorized by the Board.

It appears that I am the only resident of this forum that uses the large spa and thus this forum was of no use to expedite the repair. That does not make it any less important for me to state how poorly the whole situation was handled.

What I find upsetting is that not one Board member responded on this forum to the issue of the large spa not being heated. This forum has been of little value since the time the forum administrator stepped down as a Board member.

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Post  Carolyn on Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:10 pm

I called Common Interest and left message about hottub issue earlier this week so it's good to know that they sent someone to check our hottubs. Martin and I also went to the hottub on Milan often before it's broken and felt disappointed that it's not been fixed yet. However, I still think this forum is very helpful for residents in Villagio, for example, some discussion/information about water heater, handyman, utility rooms, window washing, etc. that help us know what's going on or what we can try to solve our problems.

We just need to report any issue that should be handled by the management company to Common Interest now and if we are not satisfied with what they perform, we go to the board meetings to express our concern.



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