Parking Violations - Lic #5VYA737

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Parking Violations - Lic #5VYA737 Empty Parking Violations - Lic #5VYA737

Post  stuttgart on Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:52 pm

Good morning,

I was reading the post and comments from both Reese and Trebor and I have to agree that we need to bring the parking issue up to the board in the next meeting.

(1) There's a silver Dodge Durango, lic #5VYA737 which has been parking at the open lot outside Building 470 since the beginning of the week (so today it's the 4th day and still parking there as of this morning). Do we still have anyone who's putting the warning notices out to them or should this be reported to Peachtree directly?

(2) I've also noticed that a lot of the residents use the garage as a storage and therefore park all their vehicles out in the open lot. I understand that HOA does address this on the newsletter but I'm almost certain that no one pays attention to it.

(3) As all of you know, there has been construction going on between Seely and River Oaks Pkwy, most construction workers park their vehicles along Village Center Drive. However, I've noticed there are couple cars who belong to the construction workers park at the open lot outside Building 470 in the morning. Do you think this issue should be brought up to the board in the next meeting as well?


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Parking Violations - Lic #5VYA737 Empty Parking Violations - Lic #5VYA737

Post  rwiller on Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:35 pm

Yes... I will put a notice on it today. If there are other issues with parking, Please contact Tony at Peach Tree. Here is his contact info:
(800) 547-3224.

It's always hard to get everyone to comply with our CC&Rs. Best thing to do is once again, please advise Tony at PT.

I have NOT seen any construction cars on our property. If you see one.. please once again call Tony. I walk my dog almost every day at 3:30 when the job sites shut down and have not seen anyone, but if you will describe the car(s) I will watch for them. If I can Identify them 100% I will call for a tow right then.

As far as the rest of the construction parking on Village Center Drive, I have spoke to both Kansen Chu (dist 4 console member) and San Jose DOT to start doing more enforcement. On a daily basis, we have cars parked in front of Fire Hydrants, blocking crosswalks and in no parking zones.

We do hear you, we are actively trying to make our neighborhood a better place.

Take Care



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Parking Violations - Lic #5VYA737 Empty Parking Violations

Post  trebor on Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:25 am

I have provided suggestions to the Board and at the very minimum we need the 72 hour rule to be enforced. California state law requires a 96 hour waiting period before a vehicle can be towed once the vehicle is issued a citation (for violating HOA parking regulations and rules). That means anyone can park one full week before the vehicle can be towed. It is real simple! After 72 hours of a reported violation by any resident the vehicle in question is issued a citation and if the vehicle is not moved within 96 hours it is towed! Residents can always contact Peachtree if unusual circumstances require them to park a vehicle in a common area for more than one week.

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Parking Violations - Lic #5VYA737 Empty Re: Parking Violations - Lic #5VYA737

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