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Post  trebor on Tue May 29, 2012 3:57 pm

I am fed up with the "pigs" who abuse our refuse area!

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Post  dwong on Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:30 pm

I concur.

These particular bins are essentially the walk way to our unit. In the last 2 months we've seen car parts, a couch, lamps, and large TV boxes that are just dumped into the trash bullpen and not in the dumpsters. Not only does all the trash look horrible, putting it outside the trash area impedes the walkway to the 2 units by this dumpster.

A couple of things that would really help us all be a little more considerate to our neighbors.

- dump your trash during the week
Trash pickups are Monday and Thursday. The bins get super full on weekends, and I don't even try and put the trash out on Sundays. If it can wait, put your trash out on Monday or Thursday after the bins are emptied; lots of space then.

- break down your boxes
if they don't fit in the blue bins, take the extra 5 mins to break down boxes and put them in the blue recycle bins.

- put trash and recycling in the dumpsters and bins.
putting trash in the bullpen and not in the bins prevents others from putting trash and recycling into the empty bins and dumpster in the back (because everyone always fills the front ones first). If you're leaving items out of the bins, because you think others will want it (I get it, I was college student once and second hand stuff can still be useful), ok, but if its out there for longer then a day, then come back by and put it in the dumpster or the recycle bin.

- use other trash areas.
I know, this one is really hard for people, since this particular trash bullpen is so central to 3 buildings (and to all the people driving by to drop their trash off on their way out). But come one people, if the bins are full, WALK your trash down to the end of the street. The dumpsters at the south east end of Navaro are almost always empty. Please use them.

Following the tips above will really help out with the garbage situation, help the neighborhood look better, and will really help you be a bit more considerate to your friends and neighbors in the community.




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