Resignation - looking for board member replacement

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Resignation - looking for board member replacement Empty Resignation - looking for board member replacement

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:26 pm

Hi Everyone,

I've been on the board several years now and with my work and family commitments I feel that I am not able to serve to my fullest potential therefore I'm thinking of resigning from the board. Since it will be several months before the next election the board can approve a homeowner in my place until the next election. With that said, I'd like to find the right person. So if you're interested in serving on the board please send me a pm to discuss. I'd like to talk to you and feel comfortable backing who ever it is. My preference is someone who lives here, will abide by the CCRs and look out for the community interests over theirs and shares my opinion that we need a new management company.

Take care,

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