Got a leak? call a plumber!!!

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Got a leak? call a plumber!!!

Post  Italia on Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:48 pm

A couple of people on this forum have talked about having a water leak and yet are asking what to do. You call a professional plumber. It is your call not the association or the board. A leak no matter how small can cause damage very quickly to not only your unit but any adjoining unit as well. One of my neigbors had a leak in the kitchen that went unattended so long, that water started pouring out of the light fixture over the gagage door just below the kitchen. A very expensive amount of damage can occur if a leak is not addressed right away. the longer you delay the worse the effect will be. Simple logic says, got a leak you can't fix yourself-call a professional plumber and fast. Every day you wait the more damage that can occur in places that may not be visible.


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