Neighborhood person with CF2

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Neighborhood person with CF2

Post  terrychr on Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:31 pm

There is obviously someone in the neighborhood who has had a canine fecal fetish (CF2) for many months. They originally started leaving the bags of goodies on the ground in various places. They have now decided that it would be better to hang them throughout the neighborhood.

For those of us who have dogs and are conscientious we always have and will continue to pick up our dogs poo. Those that have dogs and don't pick up their dogs poo (too small, who cares, cultural issues, etc) are not going to start picking it up because "you" have decided to decorate the neighborhood with your CF2.

If you feel compelled to pick up everyone's dog poo then please do the right thing and throw it away. Yes, I know perhaps they will get the message and be responsible dog owners but my guess is that they won't.

Just my 2 cents......Yes, I do have a dog, large poodle. Yes, I do pickup her poo even when I have to crawl into the ivy or walk into shrubbery. Yes, I think it is the responsible person who does so however, I am repulsed by the bags everywhere!!



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