Microwave Range Hood - is there an outside air duct?

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Microwave Range Hood - is there an outside air duct?

Post  yurashek on Wed Nov 04, 2009 3:06 pm


Does anyone know if there is an air duct behind that microwave-range hood monster in the kitchen (in my case it is a 3-story 2 bedroom unit)? So far, it seems that all this monster does is spreading the cooking odor around the unit rather then actually cleaning the air.

If there is none, has anyone ever succeeded installing the outside air vent for that matter?

Any other advise is greatly appreciated. So far pan-frying anything requires opening the windows all over the unit... Shocked

Thank you,

Yuriy (building 435)


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No outside vent for microwave hood over stove in 3br unit

Post  trebor on Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:01 pm

There is no outside vent for the microwave hood. All hoods have an adapter plate that directs the air directly back into the kitchen. The filters can only do so much but if you do a lot cooking or grilling on the stove top you get the odor and the oily mist that covers the kitchen cabinets, ceilings, floors, and appliances.

When I discovered this many years ago I even contacted the City of San Jose. Their explanation was that since the gas stove top does not have a pilot light and the kitchen has windows a vent is not required. At that time I petitioned the Villagio BOD for approval for an eyebrow vent on my outside kitchen wall or wherever one would be needed on the outside wall. The wisdom of the BOD was to deny my request. I chose not to contest the BOD's ridiculous decision even after upgrading my stove and microwave a few years ago.

Especially in light of the interpretation of the California State Fire Code that makes it illegal to bbq on our decks it is even more important for BOD to reconsider allowing an eyebrow vent on any unit that wants to vent their stove top to the outside world.

I recommend this to be issue to be discussed at the next BOD meeting.


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