Painting decision

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Painting decision

Post  Villagio HOA on Sun May 17, 2009 1:15 pm

Dear Homeowners and residents,

Wed like to take this opportunity to give you an update on the painting project. The board has been as transparent as possible throughout this entire process. We have debated numerous options and evaluated dozens of suggestions at HOA meetings and during normal conversations with residents. We have taken homeowner feedback whenever possible and even hired an independent 3rd party professional color consultant to assist in the process. After further careful review we have decided to move forward with the painting project with new colors. The board was unanimous in its decision and believes that after 6 months of due diligence we are making the right decision for Villagio. We realize that not everyone will be happy about this but we believe we have delivered a color scheme that is sophisticated, neutral and doesnt look like every other complex. This was not an easy decision and the board did not take it lightly and we appreciate the input that homeowners gave. For those who would like to get more involved in future decisions or about the way things are run we could use more volunteers for parking, pool and spa, landscaping and general maintenance.

Thank you,
Board of Directors
Kathleen Ryan
John Beuchler
Paul Ciccolella
Tom Deckowski
Gerald Buten

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